The evolution of a global aviation safety culture Michel Piers, the director of the NLR Air Transport Safety Institute, gave an invited lecture on safety culture and the implementation of safety culture interventions at a new safety culture conference organized by the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority.

Monitoring Landing Overrun Risk using FDM At the 2nd Conference of the European Operators Flight Data Monitoring forum (EOFDM), Gerard van Es was invited to present "Monitoring Landing Overrun Risk using FDM: Tips and Tricks".

Would you be a passenger in an unpiloted flight? At the SAFE symposium of student society Leonardo Da Vinci, Joram Verstraeten, research engineer at NLR Air Transport Safety Institute will address this question in view of his work on Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

NLR geeft luchtvaartvisie op patiŽntveiligheid Naar aanleiding van de initiatiefnota van de VVD Tweede Kamerleden Anne Mulder en Michiel van Veen over patiŽntveiligheid, is op 25 februari een symposium gehouden over dit onderwerp. Het NLR was hiervoor uitgenodigd om haar visie vanuit de luchtvaart te geven.

Ramp Resource Management training syllabus A Ramp Resource Management (RRM) Training Syllabus has been drafted by the ECAST Ground Safety Working Group (GSWG)/National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR). The intention of the syllabus is to provide ground service providers and/or airports with the content required to deliver a RRM training.

Stable number of runway excursions since 2010 Runway excursions, events in which an aircraft veers off or overruns the runway surface during either takeoff or landing, are the most common type of accident reported annually both in the European...

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