NLR-ATSI supports Air Navigation Service Providers with identifying, assessing, and mitigating safety and operational risks. The needs of the customers are the starting point of every consultancy assignment. Read more about our relevant services listed on the right or have a look at two example projects below.

Situation: For several airports in Norway, varying from small uncontrolled airports to medium-sized controlled airports, changes were proposed such as implementation of a new TMA, renovation of tower equipment, or adapted composition of tower personnel.

Problem: A safety assessment to assess the risk level of existing services and foreseen changes was initiated following recommendations from the Norwegian Accident Investigation Bureau and requirements from the Norwegian CAA.

Solution: NLR-ATSI together with her Norwegian consultancy partner AconaCMG conducted a set of safety assessments. An approach was adopted that incorporates the basic objectives and elements of the Eurocontrol SAM methodology, i.e. hazard identification, risk assessment, and identification of risk mitigation measures. The approach is 'scenario-based', where safety issues are analysed in the context of operational scenarios, such that operational experts can easily be involved. The primary focus of the assessment is to support decision making on safety-related issues and to provide all stakeholders with a wider understanding of safety-critical issues. By applying the same approach to similar airports, a port-folio of the airports risk picture is built up and this helps the airport operator to compare and monitor the safety performance, thereby achieving an improved safety management.

Findings: The results of the studies have led to a set of requirements and recommendations that address (local) elements in the airport infrastructure, tower equipment, contingency plans, working procedures, as well as issues related to Letters of Agreement with other units, exchange of information throughout the airport operator, and the Safety Management System.


Situation: Any airport runs a certain risk of a runway incursion. However due to specific characteristics, e.g. a high rate of runway crossings, some airports have a higher vulnerability than others.

Problem: There is a need amongst ANSPs to have a tool that enables them to assess their vulnerability to runway incursions and evaluate possible remedial actions.

Solution: NLR-ATSI developed the Aerodrome Runway Incursion Assessment (ARIA) tool. Using the results of previous studies on the causes and contributing factors of runway incursions, a set of risk factors has been selected that represents the most important determinants of runway incursion risk. Subsequently, the risk factors are weighted reflecting their relative importance for the risk of runway incursions. Likewise a set of risk reduction factors has been developed. The model has been validated with success against data from eighteen European airports, covering a wide range of characteristics (in terms of operations, layout etc.).

Result: ARIA is a computer based assessment that assists the Local Runway Safety Team in assessing the possibility of runway incursion and suggests appropriate actions to protect the runway. The tool is available for ANSPs and airport operators through EUROCONTROL.

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