NLR-ATSI is a consultancy and research organisation that develops and applies world-class knowledge and expertise to improve air transport safety. NLR-ATSI supports worldwide all stakeholders in air transport to understand and resolve complex safety implications of the new technologies and operations necessary to accommodate growth in air transport. Amongst customers of NLR-ATSI are air navigation service providers, aviation authorities, airports and airlines.

NLR-ATSI has the ambition to become the number one player in air transport safety consultancy and research. The institute delivers top-quality products and services, its employees combine the highest level of knowledge and experience with great enthusiasm and creativity, and the institute employs the best and recognised international experts.

NLR-ATSI contributes to safety topics of national and international relevance to society. Therefore, NLR-ATSI actively participates in public debates on all Dutch and significant European Air Transport related incidents or accidents. Participation may range from providing relevant information and expert opinion to policymakers and the general public to detailed investigations of incidents and accidents.

Knowledge is the fundament of the safety institute. Therefore, it is the ambition to maintain, apply and to strengthen this fundament. This will be done by further advancing existing and developing new methodologies, tools and techniques by allocating part of its income to R&D.

NLR-ATSI is present in key national and international working groups and committees like JAA Joint Safety Strategy Initiative (JSSI), US Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST) and the European Advisory Committee of the Flight Safety Foundation, thereby strengthening its role in society and the sharing and development of knowledge.

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